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Horse Power, 2009

 Item — Box: 3
Identifier: N7433.4 .S67 H6 2009
Scope and Contents "Accordion structure. Printed on both sides. Horse power was letterpress printed with photopolymer plates, wood type and vintage ornaments by the artist. This edition includes 15 copies printed on handmade horsehair paper. Signed and numbered by the artist. This is number 25."--from the CUNY catalog record
Dates: Publication: 2009

The Author of this Book Committed Suicide, 2012

 Item — Box: 3
Identifier: N7433.4 .K73 A97 2012
Scope and Contents "From July 19-26, 2012, I checked out every available book in the New York Public Library written by an author who committed suicide. I stamped each book's title page with this information and exhibited the collection in How to Write a Novel at Field Projects, NYC. At the end of the show, all the stamped books were returned to general circulation at NYPL."--from the colophon
Dates: Publication: 2012

Some But Not All of My Clothes, 2009

 Item — Box: 3
Identifier: N7433.4 .L86 S6 200
Scope and Contents "A collection of Xeroxed images of laundry. Created for inclusion in Publication Studio's 'Portland Pavilion' at the 2009 Amsterdam Biennale. The book can be bound in either green legal file-folder stock or manila file-folder stock."--from the CUNY catalog record
Dates: Publication: 2009

Mirror Me, 2010

 Item — Box: 3
Identifier: N7433.4 .M577 P75 2010
Scope and Contents "Edited by Brandon Stosuy, this zine was developed from a collaborative exhibition and performance organized by Stosuy and Kai Althoff in the Summer of 2009 at Dispatch Bureau in NYC. It was displayed during the White Columns Annual 2009, during which pages were added by the original exhibition’s various participants. The Zine features new materials by artists, writers and musicians such as Adam Helms, Brandon Stosuy, Hunter Hunt-Hendrix, Kai Althoff, Karlynn Holland, Lionel Maunz, Matt...
Dates: Publication: 2010

Peoria: A Romance, 2009

 Item — Box: 3
Identifier: N7433.3 .D47 P46 200
Scope and Contents "Reproductions of photos taken in Peoria, Ill. in 1976 are paired with an autobiographical account of a relationship. This is number 12 out of 35 copies. Signed by the artist."--from the CUNY catalog record
Dates: Publication: 2009

Predatory Equity: The Survival Guide, 2009

 Item — Box: 3
Identifier: N7433.4 .C46 P7 2009
Scope and Contents "Predatory Equity: The Survival Guide explains the financial mechanics of predatory equity and how to prevent it from happening again in the next boom. It provides tenants, advocates, and policymakers with information on tools like loan modifications and preservation short sales to save the hundreds of buildings in imminent danger of foreclosure."--from the Center for Urban Pedagogy website
Dates: Publication: 2009

Tiny Underdog City: An Uncomprehensive Guide, 2012

 Item — Box: 3
Identifier: N7433.4 .P54 T56 2012
Scope and Contents "Tiny Underdog City: An Uncomprehensive Guide is a hand-bound hand-colored book of linocuts and digitally printed text. The cover text was screen printed. The book is a guide book for the imagined Tiny Underdog City, where everyone lives in the outskirts...."--from
Dates: 2012

NYC Stencils & Poster Art, 2009

 Item — Box: 3
Identifier: N7433.4 .V36 N93 2010
Scope and Contents One in a series on street art created by Francis Van Maele and published by Redfoxpress.
Dates: 2009

Things to Tell Your Lover, 2013

 Item — Box: 3
Identifier: N7433.4 .K73 T55 2013
Scope and Contents "These are pictures of signs and graffiti, any kind of found text, mostly from New York but also from other cities I have visited over the last two years. A forest is cool or warm, very alive, filled with organic matter, soil and plants and decomposing leaves. A forest is filled with smells: mud, sharp pine, dusty pollen. Signs feel cold, inorganic, mathematical, from the other side of the brain. The city--as a place, as an idea--is a forest of signs, a merger of these two groups, if we notice....
Dates: Publication: 2013

Paper Paper, 2009

 Item — Box: 3
Identifier: N7433.4 .P39 P36 2009
Scope and Contents "Artist Mark Pawson constructs each copy of PAPER PAPER from the protective wrappers used by wholesale paper merchants, who use these colorful logo-printed papers to wrap the paper they sell. Each book is a one-of-a-kind artwork with one of two different covers (both shown in the accompanying image)."--from
Dates: Publication: 2009